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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Geometry HW Rules

This announcement was distributed in class today.

Geometry Homework Rules

Homework is worth 5 points, unless otherwise stated.

1) HW should be corrected in ink (preferably red/purple/pink/green, not black).

2) Label the HW with the assignment on top of the first line of the paper.

3) Write your full (and real) name, section, and date at the top right corner.

4) All important facts and given information should be copied for each problem. If it’s a long word problem, copy the question.

5) Draw all figures/pictures/graphs/diagrams.

6) Draw and write neatly, clearly, legibly!

7) Show the work when necessary. Especially for problems with algebra. Don’t do all the work in your head! I can’t travel there to see how you worked it out.

8) Try your best on all problems.

9) Ask about a HW problem you didn’t understand in class the next day.

10) Do your math work in PENCIL.

11) Box, circle, or highlight the final answer(s) in each problem so it stands out from the work. If it is a graph, you don’t have to. It will be obvious.

12) Give each problem enough space. Don’t jam all the work in a small area of your paper.

13) Staple your papers (before class) when there are 2 or more.

14) Put your full name on every sheet of HW paper. Got it all? Thanks!

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