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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tues 8/31/10

HW: Complete as many problems from the handout "Chapter 1 test" within you math HW time.

Today we went over last night's HW: pg 58 #1-20. I collected it AND the handout from Friday.
I also distributed HW progress reports so that we could check for mistakes and simply see how you are doing.
TWO new handouts were distributed:
1) Study guide (double-sided) for 1-6 and 1-7. We will work on the exercises in class for practice.
2) Chapter 1 test- tonight's HW for more practice. Use another sheet of paper if you need to show the work for some of the problems.

FYI: QUIZ this Friday on chapter 1 with an emphasis on section 1-7

This WEEK:
Wed: Section 2-1; review chapter 1
Thurs: same as Wed.
Fri: HALF-DAY; Quiz!
RR weekend!! NO SCHOOL Monday! 3-day weekend!

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