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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wed. 09/15/10

HW: Work on #1-5 of the handout with 2-3 Practice (given yesterday). You will practice the Law of Detachment and the Law of Syllogism. Also, you need to review and correct the conclusions from the yellow handout returned to you today. Practice those problems.

Today we began 2-3 on deductive reasoning: the law of detachment and law of syllogism. I hope you took notes because we cleared up some new notation (p-->q) and worked on important examples that modeled the laws. These laws follow a certain type of logical thinking: deductive reasoning. Your job will be to reason through these laws and identify inconsistencies.

Today I returned your old Chapter 1 tests that had been signed by your parent. You should study it for this Friday's test.

Friday's TEST: Be ready to define ANY geometry term from chapter 1 or those covered in chapter 2 so far. Be ready to make conjectures based on true given information. Be ready to write and apply any of the postulates or theorems covered so far. Know how to provide counterexamples to prove that a statement in false. Know what is a conditional and how to write and judge its converse, inverse, and contrapositive. Study your handouts. Make flashcards for all definitions, postulates, and theorems. KNOW how to write the correct notation for points, lines, planes, segments, angles, rays, and measures of segments and angles.
This is not all, but a good chunk of it!

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