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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fri 11/12/10

HW: Research and start writing about your mathematician. Bring what you have about your mathematician on Monday because I will check your progress and ask you questions about him/her!

Today(Fri): We took a quiz which consisted of 1 question: Finding the distance between a point and a line. And you could use your book, notes, whatever! (except another person :P)

Many of you need to review algebra!

Those of you that did not get the quiz problem correct can retake it until you get it. In fact, I think from now on, you may retake any quiz unti you get it!

Maybe I'll see you at the game Saturday! My husband hates Thatcher because they beat his high school team in the State finals when he was in HS...wayyyyy back in the 90's! I think we are playing them... are we? hmmm

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