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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thurs 12/02/10

HW: Pg 217-219 #11-12, 28-29 TRY TRY TRY :)
Remember, this section introduces the AAS theorem, so use it! Also, most likely, you will have to prove 2 sides or 2 angles are congruent by CPCTC, so that means you will have to prove 2 triangles congruent first.

I'm a little lost in a pile of HW I need to return to you. Also, I don't like not giving you a practice test before the test...
Tomorrow we have a test on chapter 4... be prepared to work on proofs.
Finals is just around the corner... it has been decided by the geometry priestess that your final will be mostly PROOFS. Don't cry. It will be okay! Proofs are like awesome puzzles! Like a maze in a lovely world full of truth! Oh, but where else could you find that?! Lucky freshmen!

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