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Thursday, February 24, 2011

HW: read below.

Today: QUIZ

Lesson 7-3: Identifying Similar Triangles

After the quiz, please do the following:

1) Read pages 354-357. Take notes. There is 1 new postulate and 3 new theorems!

2) On page 355, you will find theorem 7-1 SSS Similarity Theorem. The text provides a paragraph proof. Copy the theorem, diagram, given information, but rewrite the proof into a 2-column format. Read and reread the paragraph proof until you understand it, then start the 2-column version. Don’t ask me how many steps it will have J.

3) Make sure you read and understand the examples as best as possible!

4) Do Pg358 #13-16.

The proof and 4 problems will be collected. Not your notes. What you don't finish n class is HW!

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