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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fri 8/27/10

HW(weekend): Handout- ONLY work on 1-6 practice. Problems #8-12 are algebraic too, so show the work-neatly! You do NOT have to finish the problems on the other side on section 1-7. We will do those in class on Monday.

HW for Monday night: Pg 58 #1-20 all. Due Tuesday

Dear Geometers:

Today we discussed very important differences and similarities about special angles (vertical, adjacent, linear pair, complementary, supplementary). I hope you were listening well...and maybe even taking notes :0
On Monday we will continue to learn more about the relationships between these special angles (section 1-7).
I hope you realize that you should be memorizing definitions of all new terms...all the time :0

Ok, bye!
Have a nice weekend kids...
I wish I could go to your football game (and other sports!) but my new baby is very demanding of my time and goes to sleep early and ...

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