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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thurs 8/26/10

HW: NOTES! Read through section 1-7 and write down all new definitions, postulates, and theorems. We will discuss it all tomorrow. Yes, I will check it tomorrow. You will get credit for these notes, although it is not the case for most notes taken for class.

Today: TEST! I hope you studied... and not just last night.

IMPORTANT: There have been a few students absent almost all week due to illness... please be aware that you should be reading this today and hopefully everyday :)
Try to do the HW you are missing as best as you can but you can have extra time in case you need help when you return. Also, it is very important that we set a date for a make-up exam...maybe next Wed. or Thurs. or Fri.? Possibly before or after school so that you don't miss more class time. Any questions? email me at


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