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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wed 8/25/10

HW: Study for your test! Memorize all definitions, postulates, theorems, formulas, and practice problems. See study guide below...

We went over the HW from last night (pg 50 #29-31, 33, 34). We added #35 on the HW and did it in class after we got to discuss the method for solving problems like 33 and 34.

We continued to practice with pg 765 section 1-5 #8-10 and section 1-6 #4-7. It is not going to be collected. It is practice for your own good! Continue at home.

BTW: Terms most likely on test tomorrow:
angle, angle bisector, collinear, congruent segments, congruent angles, midpoint, opposite rays, postulate, right angle, segment bisector, theorem.

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